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Online Bible College for servants in the ministry

Experienced Bible Teachers

Learn from teachers with decades of experience in the classroom

Ministry Of Clays Mill Baptist Church

Commonwealth Baptist Online is a ministry of Clays Mill Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky


Commonwealth Online

Requirements to apply for an online degree

This is an online college for servants who are studying to serve the Lord in the ministry. Through this program, you will be able to earn a Bible degree.


Courses taught in real classroom settings

These classes are recorded in high definition at Commonwealth Baptist College in Lexington, Kentucky.

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King James Bible

We believe the King James Bible is the inspired Word of God. Every class taught from Commonwealth Online will be taught from the King James Bible.

Experienced Instructors

Choose from many courses taught by instructors with decades of experience in teaching that class.


Pastor Jeff Fugate

Pastor Jeff Fugate

President & Founder

Dr. Russell Anderson

Dr. Russell Anderson


Dr. Jim Jorgensen

Dr. Jim Jorgensen

Executive Vice President