Frequently Asked Questions

Degree Program

Will my previous college work transfer to a degree with you?

We will try to transfer every possible credit we can.  Keep in mind that it has to fall in the same major.  For example, you can’t transfer secular business courses to a Associates In Ministry Degree.


What master’s degree do you offer?

Our Master’s degree is coming soon. New details to be announced.


After I apply, what happens next?

You will receive an email noting your acceptance status. You will receive your login info with your payment option setup. Once the payment is complete, you may take your classes.

Course Info

Every course will be formatted the same. Each class will have two tests – the midterm and final. Each test may be taken twice. Once each course is completed, it will be shown on your account.


How do I get started?

Before you begin, you need to decide what degree you want to pursue. Our degree page has everything you need to pick a field of study.  Once you’ve decided, click the Apply button to select your credits.

Do I have to register in the degree program to take a course?

Absolutely not!  Several of our students audit courses to further their knowledge.  If this is you, just select “Audit Only” on the application form.

Is there a time limit to completing a course?

No.  Once you are approved, it will be yours to take at your own pace. You schedule the time to take your courses and once you’ve passed the final, that course is complete.

I took several courses already and now I want to start my degree. Can I still use those courses for credit?

Absolutely!  Once you’ve filled out the registration form and paid the registration fee, those courses automatically apply towards your degree.